He just closed a $1.8 million round of venture funding for his two-year-old startup, Fiix, and got some good news about his health.

His young life is a reminder that good things often require hard choices, teamwork and, sometimes, fighting with everything you've got.

An annoyance leads to a startup

Mangalji is CTO and one of three cofounders of a Toronto startup called Fiix, which sends licensed mechanics out on house calls to do minor auto repairs like installing new brake pads and changing tires or oil.

Fiix was launched two years ago by Mangalji and his two college buddies Zain Manji and Arif Bhanji, who would hang out and dream up apps to generate some cash while they finished their computer science degrees.

They had already tried a few things, none of them successful, like an "Airbnb for weddings" and "a magnetic weight lifting app," Mangalji tells us.

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