The Swedish home goods giant IKEA has been a trailblazer when it comes to applying new technology to improve its products and overall retail experience.

Today, it’s taking the latest step into the future of shopping with the launch of IKEA Place, one of the first wave of augmented reality apps getting released today to work with Apple’s new ARKit technology and iOS 11.

Just seven weeks in the making, yet kicking off with a catalog of 2,000 items — all of IKEA’s sofas, armchairs, footstools, coffee tables and many storage solutions — IKEA Place presents a picture, literally and figuratively, of how mobile phones are changing the way we buy things.

If you’ve ever found yourself buying IKEA furniture that you later realize has no place to be in your home, you may have just found a savior for your rooms, your back and your wallet.

Taking images and placing them on other images is not a revolutionary development: this has essentially been around since the earliest days of software packages like Adobe Photoshop.

Also, the latency that you sometimes encounter when you move objects around in an app has disappeared, even as it automatically scales the size of objects to fit into the space that you have snapped, which IKEA claims it is doing with 98 percent accuracy.

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