Microsoft has quietly introduced, as part of the Microsoft Graph, the concept of topic, enabling developers to generate a list of people within an organization who are involved with a specific topic.

The Microsoft Graph, the successor to the Office Graph and the Yammer Graph, provides developers access to Office 365 data through APIs, enabling them to gather insights into an organization.

The retrieved list includes the names of people this person is the most frequently interacting with via any of the Office 365 collaboration tools including Email, Instant Messaging, Teams and Groups.

The new Topic API goes one step further and enables the discovery of people relevant to a specific customer or a specific project.

I have tried the new API using our company’s Office 365 data set and was impressed by the accuracy of the results.

This ability to automatically analyze the text of a discussion, an email or a document and to extract its topics, to then build an enterprise graph connecting people and topics, and to provide APIs to access the people related to a topic is the sign of the emergence of the next evolution in cloud computing: topic computing, i.e.

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