local authorities in the UNION shall be given the opportunity to create wireless networks in public places at the EU's expense.

the EU member states, the commission and the EUROPEAN parliament agree to spend at least € 120 million – less than 1.2 billion Swedish kronor – to the free wifi on the square, hospital, library and similar places.

”From democracy and solidaritetssynpunkt this is a good and important proposal to increase access to the internet”, says Swedish mep Olle Ludvigsson (S) ago the EUROPEAN parliament gave its final go-ahead on Tuesday.

in Order to get the money the need to requesting local government to promise to manage the operation of the networks in at least three years.

the Money, however, is given not to the places where there already are private or public network.

the EU-sceptic conservative parliamentary group, the ECR is, however, critical.

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