The new iPhone X from Apple has generated some pretty strong reactions, from amazement at its face-powered Animoji to shock at the sky-high price to disappointment at the loss of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Still, many of the early naysayers will no doubt end up buying an iPhone X when it's available in November -- though the phone is expected to be at least as hard to get as the Nintendo SNES Classic.

And now, because of the extra weeks between the Sept. 15 preorder date of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the Oct. 27 preorder date of the X, there'll be plenty of time to do a little soul-searching and rationalizing about spending so much on a new phone.

To that end, with apologies to the famous Kubler-Ross model which explains how people deal with the most difficult of situations, we present the following journey of a skeptical phone shopper on the inevitable path to paying.

(And if it sounds familiar: Yes, I also applied this to Chromebook acceptance earlier this year.)

The iPhone 8 Plus is good enough, and all three new phones have the same A11 Bionic processor, wireless charging, augmented reality features and the fancy quad-LED flash.

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