In a fiery response, the major digital marketing trade organizations are speaking out against Apple’s plan to update the way it plans to treat third-party cookies in Safari 11.

In an open letter expected to be released Thursday afternoon, the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), American Advertising Federation (AAF), Association of National Advertisers (ANA), Data & Marketing Association (DMA), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) called on Apple to “rethink its plan to impose its own cookie standards and risk disrupting the valuable digital advertising ecosystem that funds much of today’s digital content and services.”

Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention solution uses machine learning to determine if a third-party cookie can track users as they browse the web and follow them with retargeted ads.

“Many users feel that trust is broken when they are being tracked and privacy-sensitive data about their web activity is acquired for purposes that they never agreed to,” Apple WebKit security engineer John Wilander wrote in a blog post about Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

Third-party cookies remain functional for 24 hours, after which they can only be used to support functions like site logins for 30 days until they are purged entirely.

The industry groups — which back the AdChoices program — sees Apple’s move as challenging the existential relationship between consumers and the sites and ad tech they encounter or interact with online.

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