WooCommerce Ajax product filter for WordPress is powerful ajax based plugin developed by 'Extendons'. It contains all the major search filter required to get any search more specific with ease.

Users can filter products by Category, Size, Color, Price and add custom filters too.

WooCommerce advanced ajax layered navigation makes sure the search results are smooth and accurate without any delay.

You can easily download the plugin and install for your WordPress website.

After installing, go to widgets under appearance section and you will find filter widget.

Add this to where ever you want your filters to appear on the web page.

WooCommerce Ajax product filter allows users to filter

-By category allows users to filter the product by classes of categories.

-Users can also find the products by specific colors.

-Users can set specific price ranges they want to find products in.

-Products that come in different sizes can also be sorted out with their sizes this is a great new feature introduced by WooCommerce product filter.

WooCommerce Layered Navigation

WooCommerce layered navigation is developed to allow a smooth search without any page reload lag. WooCommerce filter plugin comes with advanced ajax layered navigation. This provides a perfect navigation and on-site user experience so your customers don't face any difficulty searching for products.

WooCommerce Ajax Product filter plugin makes sure the user gets the most accurate and fast results.

More features of WooCommerce layered based product filter

⦁ Reset all filters

⦁ Display active filters

⦁ Show product count

⦁ Show product hierarchy

⦁ Custom titles and filters