back in the crisis of the company stake of the old owners – mainly Kaj Hedin – ipo sales ends no earlier than next Wednesday.

Trading the beginning of pre-list next Friday will tell a lot of ipo boom of the heat.

If the subscription price goes up ylähaarukkaan 11,50 eur 192 million of sales made in the gaming market-value will be 900 million and a profit factor of 43, while the market average is 19.

the stock market of the gaming industry valuation multiples are high, Remedy 31 and the Next games in 51, sliding on the 12 months, with the corrected figures, but these more successful Supercell p/e ratios would be in the year 2016 net profit and Tencent-the company trades at a 10 billion valuation in just 13.

Rovio aims for the film revenues to prop up 13% operating profit margin, their increase of 30.

Without the hard target of success and revenue double-digit growth in the company's valuation is unsustainable.

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