Nick Candy and Christian Candy are two super-wealthy property developer brothers, who went from redeveloping a small flat in southwest London to creating the ultra-lavish £150 million apartment block One Hyde Park.

LONDON — Emma Holyoake's 14-page witness statement read like a soap opera script, and it even involved a former soap opera actress.

It should have remained private, but emerged in court as part of an explosive £132 million legal battle between Emma Holyoake's husband, Mark Holyoake, and the Candy brothers.

The case was filed in 2015 and went to trial in February this year, when the two opposing parties and a supporting cast of witnesses appeared before a trial judge to give evidence that veered like a novel between celebrity gossip, terrifying accusations of violence, and dry financial details.

Nick is married to the popstar Holly Valance, while Christian is married to the socialite Emily Crompton.

During this period of friendship, Holyoake founded British Seafood, a seafood importer which collapsed in 2010.

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