Hard work goes into crafting gripping virtual reality experiences that best represent the films that inspired them and attract even more fans to the box office.

It also helps to have forward thinking creative executives at the studio that are willing to take risks on this emerging technology.

Working on virtual reality experiences for hit movies, such as Warner Bros.

It: FLOAT, Annabelle: Creation VR-Bee’s Room and The Conjuring 2 — Experience Enfield VR and upcoming 20th Century Fox’s The Greatest Showman, I’ve taken away a few keys to success with my studio clients and, ultimately, with fans.

Storytelling is paramount and often overlooked but it’s the most important thing to consider when conceptualizing these experiences.

At their best, large franchise experiences give users the thrill of having the chance to “become” or “meet” their favorite movie heroes and villains or step into pulse-pounding action.

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