You would have to be a marketing connoisseur to do what she and her team have done: bring back CDs and sell $280 million in tickets worldwide.

FOMO, otherwise known as "fear of missing out," is a powerful force for millennials and stems from the creation of a meaningful community.

Creating limited-edition content, for instance, can provide consumers with a common ground to form community; but if that content is unreasonably inaccessible, it can create exclusion and hard feels.

Taylor Swift demonstrates the effectiveness of FOMO for fostering consumer engagement and loyalty.

Considering the $5 million in albums she's sold to date, FOMO is a definite factor in the marketing and success of Swift's CDs.

Each album sold includes personalized photos and messages for fans; and, in addition to receiving one of five exclusive polaroid photo sets, fans also receive a special code they can enter to win a personal meeting with Swift.

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