In my 35 years working with business owners, entrepreneurs and big corporate clients on marketing, I've seen many different definitions of marketing govern people's approaches to it, and unfortunately, most versions are narrow, limiting and--well--wrong.

Marketing shouldn't just be a cog in the wheel or a link in the chain of moving prospects to buyers or products to market.

Of late, the entire U.S. economy has been weighed down by a massive over-supply of look-alike, do-alike, painfully ordinary businesses doing ordinary things in ordinary ways.

About one-third are unnecessary duplicates.This column's space prohibits full discussion of everything marketing is and isn't, should and shouldn't be.

But one of the best functions of marketing has always been business reinvention, and there's never been a better or more necessary time for that.

Ruthless Management of People and Profits, I tell the story of a Disney executive describing "the million dollar piece of gum"--how gum left on the ground might cost the company a million dollars.

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