Business Start-Ups magazine, December 1999

It's called out-of-home advertising and it's everywhere--providing lots of innovative and affordable ways to promote your new business.

But now, imaginative out-of-home opportunities are anywhere you look--from TV screens in convenience stores, airports and malls; posters in restaurants and clubs; special magazines in doctors' offices; airplane banners; taxi tops and even on the big screen.

Advertisers enjoy the benefits of placing their messages on 40-foot screens, and can target as many as 54 million people aged 18 to 49 every month.

"Annually, we reach five times the number of people who attend all professional baseball, football, basketball, and hockey games combined," says Laura Adler, vice president of marketing for Kansas City, Missouri-based NCN.

As traditional advertising vehicles have become increasingly expensive, and audiences have grown fragmented due to more media options such as cable television and special-interest magazines, place-based advertising has sprung up to fill the gap.

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