As a business owner, the one thing you can never have enough of is sales.

You can be a terrific manager, with the ability to cut costs a thousand different ways, but if there's no money coming in at the top of the income statement, there isn't much to manage.

Whatever else they may be doing to build their businesses, products and services, they're constantly selling them--to customers, to suppliers, to employees.

One person who has learned the value of proactive selling in a 24/7 world is serial entrepreneur and former "dotcommer" Bradley Fisher, the founder of 10X Partners, a sales management consulting firm based in Old Greenwich, Connecticut.

Fisher's goal with Tailwind was to provide a virtual corporate headquarters for a growing business--every support department a big corporation had, from operations and information technology, to legal and human resources.

Says Fisher, "The idea was that a business owner could walk down a virtual hallway on our Web site and get all the information, resources, products and services they needed, all provided by our sponsors, in-house experts and alliance partners, with a click of their mouse."

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