Q: I started a Web site design company last year, and I am now having trouble building my clientele.

A: One of the problems you are facing is the uneasiness that people feel about hiring a company to provide a service about which they know very little.

In your case, computer-challenged people may be intimidated because they don't understand the jargon, and they're not sure of how many hours or how much money it takes to put a Web site into place with design, content, links, hosting, registering, etc.

Since you're asking a company to trust you and the services you provide, it would be appropriate to present your policies in writing, including the fact that the client is always listed as registrant and retains all rights to the domain and site contents (if that's what you do).

Show your client how to access the "WHOIS" section of Network Solutions and other sites to verify that your other clients are indeed the registrants of their domains.

Design a brochure and include definitions of such terms as registrant, domain, content, updating the site, search engine submissions, hosting, etc.

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