Chief among these is the level of engagement you get, which is basically how involved your fans and followers are with you on social media.

Social media engagement may come in the form of click-activated reactions (such as the Facebook like button), shares (retweets on Twitter, regrams on Instagram, and so on), and responses (comments on your LinkedIn status updates, for example).

1) Weapons of Influence (Social Selling)

As Simon Sinek famously said in his TED talk on leadership, “start with why.” Give your target audience a clear reason to engage, and I guarantee you that they will.

Cialdini argues that, at our core, we hate owing someone a debt, whether it’s of gratitude or of a financial nature.

A good example of this is the unspoken “I’ll follow you, then you follow me” strategy employed by many beauty brands on Instagram, who monitor hashtags related to their industry and subsequently follow the accounts of people who use them.

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