With its Sleep as Android app, the Switzerland-based Urbandroid team has successfully been in the sleep-tracking game as far as software is concerned.

However, Urbandroid announced it will enter the hardware sleep-tracking market with the Sleep Phaser.

Dressed up as a lamp, the Sleep Phaser uses infrared to detect your body heat and how it changes as you sleep.

The Sleep Phaser can also detect your breathing rate to determine what sleep cycle you might be in, but that is a feature that requires ideal conditions for it to work as advertised.

Since the Urbandroid team is behind the Sleep Phaser, it makes sense for the sleep tracker to connect to Sleep as Android on your phone.

Doing so will open up a slew of features, such as an alarm that takes your sleep schedule into consideration, Google Fit and Samsung Health integration, and automation through Tasker and IFTTT, among others.

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