Its main advantage lies in its instant familiarity among end users.

And with Workplace, Facebook has come up against both established enterprise software firms such as Microsoft, Cisco and Google as well as a range of new chat platforms focused on team-based collaboration, such as Slack.

According to 451 Research senior analyst Raúl Castañón-Martínez, despite some challenges in moving into the enterprise market, Workplace has achieved “remarkable growth” in the relatively short time it has been available.

Workplace has a similar look and feel to its consumer-focused equivalent — including the familiar central News Feed — making it easy for new users to pick up.

And the differences between Facebook’s consumer application and the enterprise version go deeper than swapping the familiar blue interface for a businesslike gray.

Its functionality also overlaps that of team collaboration tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Atlassian Stride, though there are differences in focus.

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