Google's premium convertible might be the thinnest around, and might arrive packing extras like a digital stylus and the ability to run Android apps, but is that going to be enough for people to look past the limitations of ChromeOS?

But it would be a real shame to write it off completely - the hardware is truly excellent, and ChromeOS has come a long way from its tentative first steps in cheap, classroom-friendly laptops.

In fact, the Pixelbook might just be bit of kit to change people's minds on Google's once-limited operating system.

The Pixelbook really does look something special - like Google has taken the Pixel smartphone, stretched it out to 12 inches, and then flattened it with a steamroller.

The whole thing is made from aluminium, with a strip of white silicone across the top third of the lid to really make it stand out from the crowd of existing Chromebooks.

At least the whole thing is edge-to-edge glass, which hammers home the premium feel of the whole device.

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