Vaccine against könssjukdomen chlamydia, research is being conducted now in several places in the world, including at the university of Örebro, report Vetenskapsradion.

Where are you in the process of developing a form of vaccine that is supposed to be taken as nässprej, something that the researchers hope will mean that more people are likely to take the vaccine.

– It is easier to come back and do this boostringsvaccinationerna as it often is when it comes to vaccinations, " says Åke Strid, who is a professor of biochemistry at the university of Örebro, to Vetenskapsradion.

today there is no vaccine against Chlamydia, but at Örebro university has managed to develop a vaccine that gives a 70% protection.

it is Hoped, however, that a preparation which provides 100% protection shall be available on the market within a few years.

– We will be combining the two proteins.

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