Though fashion and beauty brands have been slow to adopt the new feature, influencers have been quick to experiment with it to better engage with their audiences.

Eighty-seven percent indicated that if they hadn’t yet used it, they intended to in the future.

The sticker functions by prompting a user to ask a question of their choosing before defining response parameters, and followers can mark their selection at any time over the course of the 24 hours that the Instagram Story is accessible.

Lifestyle influencer Victoria Van Ness said she uses the polling feature to inform content on her blog, as well as the types of photos she shares on Instagram.

Real-time polling responses help her strategize and make changes to her monthly content calendar to optimize engagement.

“Your audience can surprise you when utilizing the polls: I used to cover a lot of personal style on my blog, I thought [my readers] were mainly fashion-focused, but it turns out they are really wanting more beauty and travel posts.”

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