Having successfully resisted pressure to provide full dark fibre access to high bandwidth customers, Openreach is proposing a managed but scalable alternative.

Back in the middle of 2016 Ofcom decided Openreach should offer dark fibre access (DFA), but the latter referred the ruling to the Competition Appeal Tribunal, which overruled.

Openreach accordingly pulled the plug on DFA, but promised to come up with an alternative.

In an interview with Telecoms.com, Openreach General Manager of High Bandwidth and Passive Services, Darren Wallington explained that alternative has been presented to Openreach customers this week and takes the form of OSA Filter Connect.

OSA stands for Optical Spectrum Access and, in essence, this proposal aims to decouple connectivity and scalability.

There will now be a one-month consultation period, the results of which Openreach aims to respond to by early December.

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