Earlier this year, LEGO would bring out a kit which celebrated outstanding women who work or have worked at the u.s. space agency NASA and here you can see how the kit will look like.

the Kit is designed by LEGO builder 20tauri, whose real name is Maia Weinstock, and she submitted her idea to the LEGO Ideas, where LEGO fans drömbyggen sometimes be realized by LEGO if the interest is large enough.

It is about the four women, Margaret Hamilton, Nancy Grace Roman, Mae Jemison and Sally Ride.

Originally it was thought that it would be about five women, but in the now unveiled the kit is missing Katherine Johnson.

that's because LEGO has not received permission to use a likeness of her in their kit, writes Gizmodo.

LEGO's tribute to women at NASA released the 1st of november and will cost 25 dollars.

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