far too many of them and they remind too much of each other – the only reason the studios give the green light to such movies is that the audience know what they are getting and therefore flock to the cinemas.

Even Iron Man was a delightfully sarcastic breath of fresh air, at least in the first movie, and Ryan Reynolds gave us a fantastic, excessive parody of puffed-up superheroes in the Dead Pool.

We have, of course, the hard-hitting and slender Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), but she plays, unfortunately, is always the second - or tredjefiolen.

Wonder Woman/Diana (Gal Gadot), however, is a superhero of the genuine, good old variety!

Just like Captain America, takes Wonder Woman back to a time when men were Men and women were Women, happy in the kitchen with aprons.

She grew up in an idyllic bubble on a Greek island paradise where there are only female inhabitants (amazons), but is drawn into the first world war, when pilot Steve (Chris Pine) crash lands in the ocean outside paradise.

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