With the increasing traffic, accidents and unfortunate events, the parents and school administration are often distressed about a school child’s journey from their pick-up point to the school and vice-versa.


The stress grows by manifolds when schools cannot guarantee the safe and reliable transportation because they are unaware where the school bus is, which route drivers are following, speeding issue or if any unforeseen event occurs. That’s embarrassing!


Yes, GPS- the global positioning system when embedded in vehicles, tracking the whereabouts of school buses in the real-time, becomes easier. Similar to taxi apps, the school bus tracking apps enable the parents and school administrators to track the bus location in the real-time or get alerts in case of any contingencies, and drivers can also be informed about any emergency in the most simple way.


Here, integrating the RFID technology in the student’s ID card and then integrating with GPS-based transportation software would help. As the student gets on the right bus, the child information is automatically entered in student tracking database and all the events get recorded that includes- route traveled, bus speed, and stop time, which parents can check anytime.




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