Great British Bake Off’s shock £75m move to Channel 4 opened up the commercial biscuit tin and questions were raised about how the broadcaster would strike the balance between bringing value to advertisers while retaining the loyal audience.

Crucially, it has helped the show’s sponsors - Tate + Lyle and Dr Oetker - engage hard-to-reach young audiences as it took the TV crown for the most-watched series for 16 to 34-year-olds this year, with an average of 2.5m tuning in per-episode.

While the finale is still to be aired, for co-sponsor Lyle’s Golden Syrup the early results show its investment is yielding fruit, noting week-on-week growth in sales versus the same period last year and a two-fold uptick in web traffic to their site from people looking for recipes and tips.

When the initial sponsorship auction was announced, with a rumoured £8m price tag to match, the brand went straight to its media agency m/Six to find out any which way it could get involved with the show.

“We expected the sponsorship to be far too expensive for us to jump on,” Sara Metcalfe brand and product group manager for syrups at Tate & Lyle told The Drum.

The company's playful creative, which featured singing bakes including ‘Frederico Fudge’ and ’Sasha Swirl’ have driven a 40% increase in spontaneous brand awareness from pre to during the show.

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