Formula 1 has undergone a social and technical revolution over the 2017 season.

Last year, BBC News reported that the firm was more open to embracing “new media” than when the sport was run by Bernie Ecclestone, who reigned over Formula 1 for 40 years.

While Liberty Media is often in the public eye as the instigator of these changes, the Indian-based tech giant Tata Communications is also responsible for many of the technical tweaks that allow fans to interact with the series.

Speaking to The Week, the company’s global marketing chief, Mehul Kapadia, revealed the work going on behind the scenes to draw in more fans by embracing new technology.

It’s not just about Liberty Media

Kapadia says that many of the technologies introduced over the last year have existed for quite some time, but it has taken “five painstaking years” to bring much of the company’s efforts to fruition.

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