Snap’s Spectacles aren’t the hot commodity they were at launch – to an extreme degree, it would seem.

A report from The Information today said there are “hundreds of thousands of unsold units sitting in warehouses” – this after a seemingly super-powered launch with targeted sales and limited supply to artificially grow demand.

This bit of information comes after an October event at which Snap CEO Evan Spiegel made a Spectacles sales claim.

At The Vanity Fair Establishment Summit – VIA CNBC, Spiegel said that the company had sold “over 150,000 units” of Spectacles glasses, and that this was good compared to the original iPod (from Apple).

Back when Snapchat’s Spectacles were first launched, they went into hype mode right off the bat.

They were immediately compared to the most successful head-mounted camera up until that point, Google Glass – which came with a starting price of $1,500.

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