Blockbuster Christmas ads are mostly a British thing.

But Spain has elbowed its way into the fun in recent years, thanks to one advertiser in particular—the Spanish Lottery, which has taken to rolling out long-form ads celebrating the hope and togetherness that its famously communal Christmas lottery represents.

Following the remarkable, award-winning animated story “Justino” in 2015, and last year’s charming “Carmina,” agency Leo Burnett Madrid is going extra long this year, releasing an 18-minute film from Oscar-winning director Alejandro Amenábar that finds its magic in an otherworldly, extraterrestrial theme.

Titled “Danielle,” it tells the tale of an alien who comes to Earth, takes the form of a human woman, and awkwardly tries to assimilate into Madrid culture—without knowing how to communicate whatsoever, at least in the beginning.

First, she is befriended first by a dog, then by a handsome (though somewhat lonely) Madrid tour guide named Daniel.

Thinking she’s a foreigner who doesn’t speak Spanish, Daniel mistakenly thinks she’s saying her name is Danielle.

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