Researchers interviewed almost 29,000 podcast listeners who listen to NPR, WYNC, American Public Media, WBUR, PRX and/or Gimlet Media and coined the term to describe that friend of yours.

As the report explains, super listeners are the most active slice of the podcast pie, and while they don’t fully represent every kind of podcast fan, they end up being the most supportive and participatory when it comes to podcasts.

These listeners place a great deal of trust in podcasts as news and entertainment sources.

Social media and cable news, however, landed at the bottom of that those rankings at 1 percent and 3 percent, respectively.

Super listeners also prefer quality over quantity, ranking longer in-depth stories more favorably than multiple short segments during a show—though about half of listeners in the study had no preference when it came to story length.

About four out of 13 shows they listen to on a weekly basis feature local, national or international news.

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