Anonymity crucial for discussion of software asset management in a cloudy world

It will be the second annual meeting focused just on licence management, an area of growing importance as companies are increasingly running hybrid systems and dealing with multiple, often intentionally complex agreements.

Paul Fitton, president of the user group, said that the event would offer “an unrivalled level of anonymity and confidentiality” in a bid to help them open up about their issues and concerns.

The emphasis on anonymity comes from firms’ fear that vendors are always poised to launch an audit or bump up fees.

Just last month, SAP announced it had set up a centre offering feedback on anonymised indirect licensing concerns for users that were wary they would be next on the German giant’s to-sue list.

Similarly, Big Red has often been accused of using aggressive tactics when it comes to brokering deals, licensing, and carrying out audits - so it's perhaps no surprise that the event is emphasising its confidentiality.

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