His former Rackspace colleague Michelle Greer and journalist Quinn Norton both accused Scoble of groping them in the early 2010s.

Scoble responded to the accusations in an interview with USA Today, alleging that the sexual harassment happened at a time when he was struggling with a drinking problem, which he ultimately went to AA for in 2015.

But, following this claim, more women came forward, claiming that Scoble harassed them after he announced he was seeking help for his alcohol addiction.

What’s more, Sarah Seitz, an analyst at NASA, responded to Norton’s Medium post alleging that Scoble propositioned her for an affair “a year and a half ago,” which would fall after Scoble’s announcement that he was entering AA.

Scoble responded to the continued allegations in a since-deleted Facebook post immediately following TechCrunch’s article.

“I have made many steps in my life to try to improve, including getting sober more than two years ago.

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