The Android 8.1 developer preview rolled out a couple of days ago and we, as well as many other fans, have been busy exploring all that it offers.

This work-in-progress version of Android 8.1 is available to Nexus and Pixel users, and it was relatively easy to install, though Google has just made it a little trickier.

As pointed out by Android Police, Google has redirected its Developer Preview OTA downloads page on the Android website to the regular factory image page, removing access to the OTA download links.

Flashing OTAs is generally the preferred method for installing updates because it doesn’t wipe any data, but it has likely been pulled due to some users having issues when flashing them.

Thankfully, it’s not the only way to get the 8.1 developer preview.

You can also flash the full factory image if you have an unlocked bootloader — instructions here — or you can register for the Android Beta Program and wait to be notified about the update over-the-air.

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