Not only are the Golden Knights off to an 8-2 start, but they also rank in the top 10 of the most expensive average prices on the secondary market according to TicketIQ, the company I founded.

If the Golden Knights can maintain anything close to current attendance and demand levels, their sports gambling-friendly approach may do more than just help the NHL solve the “warm-weather problem.” In the face of larger screens and threats like virtual reality, it could be the biggest boon to event attendance since the advent of the dome.

Behind Auston Matthews, one of the NHL’s biggest young stars, Maple Leafs Nation is as excited as ever and hoping to break their 50-year drought.

Since moving from Winnipeg to Phoenix in 1996, the Coyotes have had as many division championships as bankruptcies, and have only advanced past the first round of the playoffs once.

Amidst those inexorable forces, gambling may be their great equalizer.

Through his company, Monumental Sports, Leonsis has invested in a European company called Sportradar, which he describes in the same interview as “having deep ties to integrity assurance in the gambling world.” With the endless possibilities that could come from the opportunity for in-venue betting, “integrity insurance” sounds like a good bet for the future.

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