The personal details of tens of thousands of Australian government and banking staff exposed in latest breach

The steady exposure of damaging data breaches continues, with the latest taking place down under in Australia.

The largest breach in Australia actually took place this time last year, when hackers breached and leaked the personal data from Australia’s Red Cross Blood Service, leading to the details of 550,000 donors being exposed.

But the fresh breach has resulted in the exposure of the personal records of 48,270 people, including staff of several Australian government agencies, banks and a utility.

The data breach reportedly happened because the data was left openly accessible as a result of a misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket, according to iTnews.

The records were apparently discovered by a Polish security researcher called Wojciech, who had been searching Amazon S3 buckets set to open, with “dev”, “stage”, or “prod” in the domain name, and containing specific file types like xls, zip, pdf, doc and csv.

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