It’s far from perfect, but the Hisense 55N6800 is proof that 4K TVs can be done well on a budget, combining great design and a well-stocked smart interface with a sharp 4K performance.

It wasn’t that long ago that if you were thinking of spending under £1000 on a 4K TV, you’d probably be wasting your money.

But in 2017, the best of the mid-range offers a rather tempting proposition indeed.

While the more established household names have been keen to battle it out in the pricier end of the market, brands like Hisense have been making moves with more affordable sets, and TVs like the 55N6800 are the result.

There are four HDMIs, though only two are HDMI 2.0 for 4K/60fps HDR video, with the other two are HDMI 1.4 offering 4K/30fps.

While it’s large and easy to use, it’s pretty plasticky, so its buttons click loudly when you’re entering passwords or flicking through channels.

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