When you’re browsing the web, there’s little that’s more annoying than clicking on what you think is a video and finding out that it was actually just an image with a link to a dubious site.

Or what about those links that actually take you to your destination in a new window but then quickly navigate your original site to some ad for male enhancement pills?

And then there’s still the garden variety site that just redirects you to a new page for no apparent reason.

With the arrival of Chrome 65 in its pre-release channels today, Google plans to fix these issues, which tend to pop up on sites that are often already a bit dubious to begin with.

“One of the things we love about the web is that it gives developers a really rich set of content.

That’s what sets the platform apart,” Google director of product management Ben Galbraith told me when I asked him about the reasoning for these changes.

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