We’re slowly approaching the Galaxy S9 rumors season, as the phone is expected to launch a bit earlier than its predecessor.

Recent reports said the upcoming flagship will have a dual lens camera on the back like the Galaxy Note 9, which is also where the fingerprint sensor will be stuck for one more year at least.

A different rumor said the Galaxy S9 is supposed to enjoy a short Snapdragon 845 exclusivity, which is expected to be next year’s top Qualcomm platform for Android devices.

Samsung, meanwhile, quietly unveiled its next-gen mobile processor that’s supposed to power flagship devices, like the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 coming next year.

It also introduced a new camera that will let smartphone manufacturers, Samsung included, come up with even thinner devices.

Just like with every Galaxy S phone before, Samsung is expected to use Exynos and Qualcomm chips inside the Galaxy S9 and Note 9.

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