Some people scour over photos or scrapbooks to mark significant moments in their lives - which, being a natural hoarder, is also a fond past-time of mine.

Often our lives are pinned not just with the faces of those we love, but also the pages we've turned and songs that have stirred our souls.

For instance, as is so often the case in the morning when I'm hustling the kids to hurry with breakfast whilst rummaging the drawers for the correct piece of cutlery to stir my tea, I transform into Neo from the Matrix and start muttering ThereIsNoSpoon before checking that Morpheus isn't about to approach to test my Kung Fu knowledge.

Thanks to watching John Travolta in Phenomenon I can't trust my phone anymore as every now and again a bright light anoints the screen and I'm convinced it's an extraterrestrial!

I knew before they even left camp that he'd stolen that shirt!

I understand the poignancy of the ending but still, you have never seen a grown woman cry so pathetically - it was NOT a pretty sight.

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