Remember the days when we had to stand in a line and actually converse with a human being if we wanted to buy a coffee or a hamburger?

And remember when we had to sit down at a desk, crank up a laptop, and use a web browser if we wanted to book a flight?

And while we’ve been able to do this for quite some time (Starbucks springs to mind), some big brands, like McDonalds and Chipotle are only just ramping up their efforts.

Pretty soon you’ll all be tapping away on your little magic boxes to order 40 chicken nuggets at 11pm on a Wednesday night, hoping you don’t bump into anyone who you think might still have some semblance of respect for you.

In fact, certain people reckon that mobile commerce is going to dominate online sales by the year 2021.

Let’s set the scene: your brand has spent a lot of time and money building an app, and even more money trying to get people to download it.

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