On November 10th 1977, Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards performed a procedure which was to result in the world's first IVF baby.

I was first introduced to the concept of IVF twenty years later in 1997.

I was a teenager, doing A Levels, and I remember it well as a debate in my religious studies class.

Back then that's all it was though, a debate, a concept, not something tangible that truly existed, and definitely not something which would go on to shape my life, in the way that it has.

Of course, that was partly our age and partly ignorance of the age we were living in, when infertility wasn't spoken about and IVF was deemed as a controversial way in which to conceive, when, if couples didn't have a child it was, most probably, thought that the woman was "barren" and no one was talking about male infertility.

We were told how important it is for couples to be in agreement about wanting children and how exciting, yet life-changing, having a baby actually is.

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