Timm-Brock wants to make sure that equipment functions properly so that employees are safer and industrial companies can save money on one of their biggest expenses — the equipment they use.

The device that eTrack Tech sells looks like a router with an array of multifunctional sensors.

So far, the technology works with generators (which Timm-Brock likens to a diesel truck with no wheels), HVAC systems, and forklifts, which look a lot like other industrial equipment including backhoes and excavators.

According to Timm-Brock companies spend roughly $144 billion per year on industrial equipment maintenance, almost the same they spend on vehicle and equipment purchasing ($156 billion).

“While we have a lot of prospective exits for this, I really just want to make stuff work better.”

The path that led Timm-Brock — a good Minnesotan — to our Berlin stage, began in her father’s workshop, where, from an early age, she helped him with his hobby as a gunsmith.

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