Nimax Theatres, which manages many of the poshest, most famous, and expensive places in the country where people go to sit and be bored for hours, has started noise-testing the snacks it sells — and banning ones that make the loudest crinkly sounds.

The matter and etiquette of eating in theatres and cinemas is quite incendiary right now, what with people getting fatter and ruder as the years pass, leading Nimax to analyse snack packages: creating a nice image of senior management, sitting around the boardroom table, opening crisps and bags of Minstrels to see which ones are the most potentially distracting to the onstage talent, probably even swilling the contents around in their mouths and spitting them out into a bucket.

Burns explained: "We now do a scrunch test.

Packaging can be very different from one brand to another.

You have sweets that can be opened very quietly with not a lot of rustling," and only those ones are allowed to be bought in the foyer now to try to keep a child amused during the attention marathon that is a viewing of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

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