This year I will be having a ‘hot’ Christmas - not in a woolly jumper and roaring fire sense, but in terms of the South African sunshine.

It won’t be my first South African Christmas - the last time we transported ourselves to the southern hemisphere for the festive season it struck me as extremely odd that the shops still played ‘Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow’ and ‘White Christmas’ - All the dreaming in the world was never going to make that Christmas white!

Not exactly what we expected to be putting under the tree when we booked our flights many months ago, but then dementia is a bit like that, stealthily creeping up on families, affecting our nearest and dearest.

It seems very strange now to be a) taking my own advice and b) advising my in-laws in all things dementia.

When it’s personal it takes the heart-wrenching element to a whole new level.

I have the knowledge that can, even across many miles, make a difference.

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