Regardless of this year’s financial results, you can’t take that away from them.

GE was one of the first big enterprise companies to fully embrace the cloud, announcing its intent to close most of its on-premises data centers in 2014 when many companies were still coming to grips with the cloud conceptually.

It’s a big AWS public cloud customer, and it has embraced SaaS with a huge contract with Box back in 2014 and Vera this year, just as a couple of examples of how it has been moving the entire company to the cloud.

By equipping these machines with sensors, they can follow a digital trail of data to understand the health of those machines.

The company has built out the Predix platform to take advantage of this growing move toward data and to allow its customers to build applications to understand and take advantage of all the data its mega machines are feeding them.

As former CEO Jeff Immelt put it back in 2014, “If you went to bed last night as an industrial company, you’re going to wake up a software and analytics company.” He truly seemed to get it.

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