Samsung will reportedly bring several upgrades to the iris scanner on its next Galaxy S phone, presumably called the Galaxy S9.

Some of these possible changes include a shorter response time, better recognition in dark/bright environments or when the user is wearing glasses, and a slightly higher resolution, 3 megapixel lens (up from 2MP in the Galaxy S8) according to The Korea Herald.

More secure biometric authentication -- like fingerprint sensing, iris scanning and facial recognition -- is always a good thing, but the update may seem especially necessary after hackers were able to fool the iris scanner on the Galaxy S8 using a photo and contact lenses.

After the hack Samsung was quick to defend the security of its iris scanning tech, but an improved scanner may help those concerned rest more easily.

Currently, fingerprint and iris scanning are the only biometric methods Samsung deems secure enough to use as authentication for Samsung Pay (sorry, facial recognition).

According to the report, Samsung is working to get more mobile banking apps to be compatible with the iris scanner as a authentication method.

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