The ANA’s chief executive, Bob Liodice, is calling on the industry to do a better job of tracking and measuring what progress is being made on the diversity front.

In recent days, CES has attempted to make amends by adding women to one of its keynote panels.

In a statement, Liodice said that “the recent outcry about headline speakers at CES ignited another round of debate and discussion about our industry's diversity/gender equality issues.”

He went on to say that while programs like the ANA’s own SeeHer initiative and its Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing have helped promote gender equality and diversity, as have similar efforts from “the 4A's, IAB, AAF, the Ad Club of NY, Ad Color and others,” he doesn’t believe they’re doing enough.

“Such efforts, while laudable, are fundamentally insufficient and sometimes frustrating due to an inability to publicly measure the impact of our employment practices,” he said.

“How are we supposed to know what the current state of diversity/gender equality really is and how much progress we are making without a public accounting?

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