Samsung has built a solution with the FlexDry DV60M9900, a $1,300 double machine that boasts a delicate dryer on top, and a large capacity tumble dryer below.

Standing at 47 inches tall (20 inches taller than the Whirlpool Hybrid Care), with a depth of 32.5 inches, and a width of 27 inches, the appliance is sleek, black, and gorgeous.

At first we were intimidated by the sheer number of buttons on the display (24 on the bottom dryer and 10 more on top for 34 total), but we soon realized that the buttons were much more user friendly than the dial that you see in appliances like the Maytag MED855DW.

If you’re expecting a small tumble dryer, forget it.

This is more of a drying rack with a fan.

Samsung recommends placing one or two sweaters or shirts, six undergarments, or four accessories — like neckties — at most.

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