Yes, it's not a myth or old people telling lies for personal gain -- they really did make mince pies with real meat in them in the olden days.

Maybe we can start doing it again when we're free from meddlesome EU food hygiene guidelines?

This particular recipe for a batch of meat-based Christmas treats of "indifferent biggnesse" was unearthed by Ian, who found it in The National Archives where it sat within in batch of government documents that belonged to one-time Secretary of State Edward Conway, who shuffled papers for a job during the reign of Charles I in the 1620s.

And yes, it ought to taste a little bit like the modern mince pie we all know and consume six of for a quick pick-me-up of a sad winter evening, only with the dried fruit, sugar and spices joined on this occasion by mutton and veal to give it that weird hybrid Cornish pasty savoury twist.

Might look good on Instagram, cut in half with a shocked face emoji next to it.

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