A hacker going by the pseudonym Nexus Zeta was found exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in a Huawei home router model, to spread a variant of the notorious Mirai botnet called Satori.

Security experts said that they detected a barrage of attacks exploiting the zero-day flaw, with the U.S., Italy, Germany and Egypt being hit the hardest.

Earlier this month, Satori, which is considered to be an updated variant of the infamous IoT (internet of things) botnet Mirai, was found infecting over 280,000 IP addresses in just 12 hours.

Since Mirai's creators first publicly released the malware's source code, numerous hackers have tweaked its code to launch internet-crippling DDoS attacks.

Security researchers at Check Point said that they observed hundreds of thousands of attempts to exploit the vulnerability in November.

Fortunately, the unknown vulnerability was quickly patched by Hauwei, who issued a security update to customers, warning them of the bug.

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